Advertiser Information
Variety of Content

  • RTNMediaNet offers advertisers the ability to target a wide range of demographics through its network of active publishers. Our network caters to the following categories:
    • Art
    • Automotive
    • Business & Finance
    • Computer Hardware & Software
    • Education
    • Entertainment
    • Games
    • Home & Garden
    • Internet Resources
    • Movies & Music
    • News & Society
    • Shopping
    • Sports
    • Technology
    • Travel

Creative Choices

  • Our network is capable to serve the most popular creative ad sizes. Currently, we are accepting and running the following creative ad sizes:
    • Banners
      • 468X60
    • Leaderboards
      • 728X90
    • Rectangles
      • 300X250
    • Skyscrapers
      • 120X600
    • Wide Skyscrapers
      • 160X600
    • In-Page Video
      • 300X250
      • 728X90
    • Expandables
      • 120X600
      • 160X600
      • 300X250
      • 728X90

Assurance & Targetability

  • We have the ability to geo-target to anywhere in the world
    • Country
    • Region
    • Providence
    • State
    • City
    • DMA
  • Advertisers have full access to all campaign statistics in real time.
  • We currently serve over 47 billion impressions per month throughout our advertising network.
  • Over 4,700 transparent independently operated sites in worldwide.

Creative Requirements

RTNMediaNet’s creative requirements are just about the same as most other networks. Animation & Flash are allowed on the network, but all creatives must be approved before the campaign goes live. The creative file size limit is set at 30K for animated & still creatives. The Flash creative limits are set at 35K.

RTNMediaNet does NOT accept advertisements or creatives that include or promote the following:

  • Illegal activities
  • Hate related activities
  • Warez
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Malware
  • Active-X
  • “Hi-jacking” type creatives
  • Auto-downloading type creatives

Contact a RTNMediaNet representative to discuss your advertising goals today. We can be reached at AdSales {AT} RTNMediaNet {DOT} com, or via telephone at 877-276-4904.

Why Choose to run your campaign with RTNMediaNet?

  • Real time 24/7 365 day access to all analytical statistics.

  • Complete control of the campaign. Able to change settings on the fly*.

  • Spread your campaign over our 4,700 + publisher sites within our network.

  • No ad serving or maintenance costs for running campaigns within our network*.

  • 100% complete ability to target campaigns to specified demographic and/or geo-graphical location.

  • RTNMediaNet is 100% compliant with all IAB online ad specifications.

  • Real time optimization on all campaigns available with all campaigns.

  • Customized campaigns built to your company’s specific ad specifications.

  • Backed by some of the most redundant and hi-tech software and hardware from companies like IBM, Cisco, Intel, and Red Hat.


Contact the RTNMediaNet ad sales team via Contact Us, advertiser signup form via our toll-free ad sales telephone number 877-276-4904.  Click here to review our media kit.