Publisher Information

Are you a publisher looking to maximize your advertising revenue? Applying to become a publisher of the RTNMediaNet may be what you have been looking for. Apply here! to become a publisher for RTNMediaNet.

Why choose RTNMediaNet?

  • All traffic is accepted and based on a CPC/CPM ratio.

  • Some of the highest paying rates available for a variety of the most popular creative sizes.

  • All payments are either paid to you net-30 via ACH Direct Depost, Check, Paypal, or wire transfer*.

  • Join a trusted network with over 12,500 + active publishers.

  • Over 40 billion impressions served each month!

  • One of the industry’s highest payouts: 70% revenue share.

  • Dependable payment terms.

  • Complete publisher control over inventory.

  • No type of contract to sign.

  • No active-x, malware, adware, spyware, or hijacking types creatives accepted on the network.

  • No Paypal™ fees to worry about (RTNMediaNet covers them all).

  • No exclusive agreements to sign. Come and go as you wish!

Publisher requirements (Publisher Agreement):

  • At least 25,000 impressions per month (12,500 Unique).

  • Root level domain name (Http:// ). We do not accept sub-level domains as publishers.

  • No applications from free e-mail accounts (I.E. email @ will be accepted.


  • RTNMediaNet uses some of the most powerful and technologically advanced hardware and software for all Internet advertising operations and creative ad serving.

  • Over 40 billion impressions on average accessible monthly basis

  • Geo-targeting available at no extra change or programming.

  • Real-time statistics are available at no extra charge.

  • Popular Ad Formats:

      • Banners
        • 468X60
      • Leaderboards
        • 728X90
      • Rectangles
        • 300X250
      • Skyscrapers
        • 120X600
      • Wide Skyscrapers
        • 160X600
      • In-Page Video
        • 300X250
        • 728X90
      • Expandables
        • 120X600
        • 160X600
        • 300X250
        • 728X90


  • The RTNMediaNet is currently looking for web-sites in the following markets:

    • Art

    • Automotive

    • Business & Finance

    • Computer Hardware & Software

    • Education

    • Entertainment

    • Games

    • Home & Garden

    • Internet Resources

    • Movies & Music

    • News & Society

    • Shopping

    • Sports

    • Technology

    • Travel